Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Interview Paper Essay

One day forty four years ago, a baby was born in Texas. He was growing up healthily in the warm Texas wind and heat year after year. His name is James Cambell, a man who never stopped chasing his dream with great zest although he is now forty four years old. Spring has always rightly been identified with youth, and the sorrows of youth are poignant and unrepeatable, but he never thinks it is too late to achieve something, a dream or a goal, could be very large or very tiny. When James was young, he had always had a dream that he could travel across the country and now he still has it. Ever since high school James loved jogging and fishing. In the 1980s, a lot of electrical equipment and electronic devices came into this world. At this time, many experts and scientists were predicting the 21th century would be the internet age. As he was a boy, no one could stop James Cambell to be attracted to these electronic devices. So, he started playing and learning about these devices. After he finished his schooling, he got a job in electronics. Many years later, he fell in love with a girl who later became his wife. Everything is impermanent and can be changed. Marriage or divorce and its many ups and downs, still exercised a powerful hold over newspapers, magazines, and the airwaves. Unfortunately, James Cambell was one of them. However, divorce is not always a bad thing. It could be a good in that you as an individual get less stressed and more free time in life. Today, he’s still working in the electrical field and he thinks it is an appropriate time to get more knowledge about electrical technology. Consequently, he’s at HCC now studying Electrical Engineering. In our youth, everyone makes mistakes, and wondered what the world had in stock for them. They too might have had confusion about the future. Brian Mosley was born in Houston. Without exception, he made a so-called mistake when he was young. Life can sure throw a curve ball when you least expect it. A newborn entered his life at age eighteen and had to find work to support him and his new family. When I asked him, â€Å"have you ever had any regrets about what happened?† He said he never thought it was a mistake because he looked at the situation through optimist eyes. If there was only half a cup of water left, an optimistic person may cheer for it because they still have the half. Obviously, Brian was an optimistic person that  never felt unhappy or sorrowful. There is no denying that, most optimists have a high happiness index, which can hardly be experienced by pessimists. His attitude had moved his wife and parents strongly so they too can view life in the same perspective. As a result, the atmosphere of optimism and happiness had been naturally set up and his mom aided to him to take care of the baby. Fourteen years later, Brian’s second boy was expectably born when he was thirty two years old. Today, he is a thirty nine years old man with less pressure and more freedom. His work schedule allows him to attend HCC to continue receiving a higher education to later support his family even further. Now he’s studying physical therapy for his interest. He hopes he can travel with his family on road trips across the whole country in the upcoming years. There is always a lot of fun in an extended family. Sometimes people may squabble but never take it to heart. Twenty seven years ago, Michael was born in Houston and he had two brothers and three sisters. Unfortunately, he was oldest child had to take care of them and forgive their mistakes. In other words he had to start learning more than his brothers and sisters such as doing housework. In such a situation, he had been independent earlier than others. Every time when Michael was awake dead at night he always felt lonely and so he would ask himself what is needed of him. Sometimes, he still felt lonely, but is loneliness a terrible thing? Obviously, the answer is no, because loneliness also could bring something good to him. Because of lacking help from others, he became prone to dealing with all kinds of situations by himself. Thus, he would be more independent in life and he can endure more setbacks and pressure. Now Michael likes watching comedy and shopping with his friends. He has a three years old daughter. And he’s studying business in HCC to get a more interesting and better job.

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