Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Menu Driven Interface Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Menu Driven Interface - Essay Example Menu in Graphical User Interface plays an imperative for human interaction with the computers. Menu driven interfaces facilitate the users by providing a catalogue of options for selection to navigate from one page to another. Several strategies and approaches have been developed to create or select menu for the user interface of the computer application. And one of the strategies for the development of menu-driven interface is recognized as user dialog. In user dialog strategy, the control of the computer application is transferred back and forth between the computer application and the user. The user passes a command to the computer application by selecting a menu item and the computer application respond by executing the command. Usually, the related menu items of the computer application’s user interface are categorized into the groups that can be displayed in the dialogue boxes. This approach facilitates the users to search and navigate to the pages of the computer applic ation (Senn, 2009). Importance / Popularity of Menu Driven Interface There are various reasons for the popularity of the menu driven interfaces and most of the imperative reasons is the high level of usability. The users do not require remembering the commands for using the software application efficiently; therefore, the users can effectively utilize the computer application easily. Furthermore, the menu driven graphical user interface is suitable for even the novice computer for not generating the errors, as they do not require typing the commands. The effort required for utilizing the GUI application is much reduced as compared to the command line interface, hence, it can be stated that the productivity of the users is increased. Above all, a user guide is available to facilitate and help the users to successfully employ the application and achieve the required objectives of the computer application deployment. The menu driven interfaces are becoming more popular even in modern computing age because of their appealing features. The menu driven inte rface is not only beneficial for the users or clients, however, the software development companies also find it advantageous as they do not require developing the menu again and again. The software components are developed once and reused to development cost and time. Moreover, comparatively less training is required to use the computer system; therefore, the software companies can save the cost of extensive trainings. Hence, keeping in view the facts, it has been identified that the graphical user interface having menus has made the human computer interaction simpler and easier (Norman, 1991). Strategies of Menu Driven Interface So far diverse categorizations of the menu driven interfaces have been developed, however, mainly the menu driven interface can be categorized into three (3) major strategies include: the full screen menus, the bar and pull down menus and pop-up menus. These different strategies can be used to make menu driven interfaces visually more appealing as well as u ser friendly. The full screen menus usually represented on the entire screen of the computer application and the user selects the options given on the screen. The Pop-up menus (may also be called as user dialogue) are presented in the boxes with a list of

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